Academic Resources

Teachers will receive a wealth of resources.  In addition to the books listed, participants will also receive a “Stony Reading Resource Travel Drive” to enhance their overall educational experience.  Using the “Stony…” Daily Institute Agenda as a guide, note that some readings are required and others are suggested.  Please make an effort to get as much of the reading done as possible as that will help to enhance your overall experience.  You may want to load the “Reader” on to your laptop.  Internet access is available at the hotel and you will need to bring Ethernet cords in order to connect to the Internet.



  • National Park Services. Never Lose Sight of Freedom (DVD)

Visual Images.

Picturing America Series:

  • Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
  • Ladder for Booker T. Washington by Martin Puryear
  • Migration of the Negro, panel 57 by Jacob Lawrence
  • Selma-to-Montgomery March for Voting Rights by James Karales


Additional Resources:

Teachers will also receive a copy of Alabama Moments in American History – a curriculum CD developed by the Friends of Alabama Archives.  The CD will allow teachers to better weave Alabama History into their overall curriculum.  Participants will also receive classroom resources from Teaching Tolerance as part of our visit to the Teaching Tolerance Teacher Resource Center in Montgomery, Alabama.  The Alabama Humanities Foundation will provide certificates detailing institute hours for those needing CEUs.

Institute Required Readings

All participants will receive the following texts (paperback) in late April:

Upon arrival, you will receive the following resources:

Participants will also receive resources from institutions visited while during the institute. These will serve as additional resources for your classroom and professional development.

You are asked to read the full texts and articles of the following:

On the weekly agenda, participants are asked to read sections of the following texts:

Please be familiar with (optional reading as the speaker will be present during the institute) McKinstry’s While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age During the Civil Rights Movement.

All of the readings identified as “On travel drive,” will be provided on the travel drive you receive upon registration at the institute. The travel drive contains over 300 pages of resource materials (articles, letters, photos, maps and secondary sources) that can be used in the classroom and professional development. Only the following articles listed on the weekly agenda will be referenced, directly, during the institute. You can bring an electronic device to access your flash drive independently during the institute. Please see the list of articles that will be provided on the flash drive (as also stated on the weekly agenda):

  • “Letter From A Birmingham City Jail”
  • From In Search of Racial Harmony
  • “Southern Businessmen and Desegregation”
  • From Selma, Lord, Selma
  • “Cash and Chestnut” from Black In Selma
  • From After The Second Death There Is No Other
  • Gomillion v. Lightfoot
  • From The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It;
  • “Inside Agitators”
  • “Challenge and Response”